Art Gallery

Compendium’s art gallery supports the development and exhibition of art by emerging and established local and international artists working in a variety of mediums and styles. We aim to focus on working with young creatives in developing their practice and providing the public with innovative contemporary art.

One of the gallery’s goals is to create programs that focus on participation and debate, building relationships between artists and audiences, including creating a new market of art collectors by making original fine art affordable for the average-income person, promoting the idea that art is for everyone and every home.

One advantage of Compendium’s art gallery is it’s long business hours. Most galleries are only open during the day making it difficult for people to get the opportunity to view exhibitions. Compendium’s gallery is open 10am to 10pm Monday to Wednesday and 10am to 12am Thursday to Sunday, allowing people to visit the gallery at the time that best suits them.

For more information on the gallery, please call Compendium at 204-806-5834 or email compendium@artistmarket.ca