Artist Submissions

The art gallery is a gorgeous 1350 square foot space with more than 140 feet of wall space.

Pricing for exhibitions are based on square footage of wall space needed to exhibit artwork. As such, Compendium does not take any commission from the sale of art priced under $1000, and artists are free to establish their own pricing.

Exhibitions generally run for one week with opening nights being held every Thursday. However, artists are welcome to request longer exhibitions.

Artists who don’t have enough pieces to complete an entire show will have the opportunity to show their work in open group exhibitions held every month. Some of these group exhibitions will be themed, based on a particular medium, or directed at a specific creative profession.

The craft market which takes place in the same area as the art gallery will not be running on any opening night, but will run throughout the remainder of the exhibition. The view of the artwork in the exhibition will not be blocked in any way by the craft market.

The craft market will actually help to get the art shown to a great audience as more people will see the exhibition than is common for a standard art gallery.

Compendium will promote the exhibitions through it’s social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and it’s blog. Other promotions such as print (flyers and posters) and local media such as newspapers, radio, and television will be determined on a case by case basis with the artists for each individual exhibition and may affect rental costs.

If you would like to exhibit your work in Compendium or have any other questions please call 204-806-5834 or email compendium@artistmarket.ca