Photography Studio

Compendium’s photography studio is perfect for all kinds of photography including head shots and portfolios, product photography, food photography, and independent film and video production.

The studio features 11 foot ceilings in a 238 square foot space. All the walls, floors, and ceiling are painted white.

The studio is also fully equipped with lights, stands, and backdrops available for rent at reasonable prices.

Please also note that all of Compendium’s space and not just the photography studio is available for rent for photoshoots and productions of all kinds.

Compendium is a beautiful building inside and out, newly remodeled in all 19th century design. As well, both spaces are available for use within and outside of regular business hours.

We welcome photographers, film makers and instructors to rent our entire space and/or the photography studio for their projects, productions and workshops.

For availability and bookings contact Compendium at 204-806-5834 or by email at compendium@artistmarket.ca