Social Awareness

Social awareness is the active process of seeking out information about what is happening in the community around you and in the world at large. It is a greater awareness of current social issues which leads to both better understanding and better solutions.

Enhancing social awareness within our local community is an integral part of Compendium. As such, Compendium is dedicated to supporting local artists, crafters, and other creatives by promoting community involvement and the importance of buying local products, but also to collaborating with non-profit organizations to enhance social awareness and promote social justice.

To do so, monthly lectures and workshops on various social justice topics as well as monthly documentary screenings are a part of Compendium’s regular programming.

If you are a speaker or work with a non-profit and are interested in collaborating with Compendium please contact Compendium at 204-806-5834 or by email at compendium@artistmarket.ca